D.L.K. The Genius Beats

D.L.K. The Genius Beats

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Duramaney Letso Kamara a.k.a. 'D.L.K. The Genius' was born February 6th 1998, in London, United Kingdom, raised by two talented musical parents, Father, (Master Percussionist), Mother singer/songwriter living in the urban neighborhood of London.

At the age of 3 he began playing around with musical instruments such as harmonica.

By the time he was 4 years old he was very much interested in playing the drum-kit and made himself one as at this time he liked listening to the likes of Bob Marley and would play along being able to hear every beat of the drum-kit in the music and play it back amazingly well with great feel even though he had not partaken in any music lessons at this stage.

He was inspired by his parents as he used to see himself going on tours along with them and would also be on stage with no fear of playing along with professional musicians.

Around this age he was also a member of a dance group and was performing in big and small stages, but he was not letting go off the music as he continued to listen to the likes of John Coltrane, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis to name a few.

When he was 6 years old he started teaching himself how to use the DAW software Garageband on his dad’s laptop where he composed, written and recorded many original songs and even made a full length CD for it to be played at his school disco party.

Around the age of 7 he was fully involved in in many school activities, playing percussion, singing and acting. A talent show was held at that school and he only got to know a day before that there was a talent show, and wondered what he could do, but he decided that he could do a freestyle solo on the trumpet as well as singing and surprisingly he won, even though at this stage he had not had trumpet lessons.

Before Duramaney was introduced to the trumpet, he was given a coronet by a friend of his father, and he had no trouble producing sound on that coronet. He handled it with ease, which is why he was later introduced to the trumpet. In his last year of primary school he was being taught by a tutor how to play the guitar which eventually, with his skills, landed him with the Musician of the Year Award and performed in front of the whole school playing guitar and singing all by himself. He remained to be passionate about, music, dance and acting.

He continued to show his talents at secondary school where he was awarded a year’s scholarship by the school to do Performing Arts with A Performing Arts Company. The company were so impressed with him they extended his scholarship. Meanwhile in the school he was involved in the school activities and landed himself a main role in "Hair Spray" which was not meant to be his originally (as he had his own role) as it was played to be played by someone older, the week before the event, the original actor had other important things to do , so he was asked to play that role meaning that he had to learn the lines just a week before the event, but he sailed on that role like he had learnt those lines from the beginning of the rehearsals! Some other events he would be randomly picked to play double bass though he had not had much tuition on this instrument but he handled it majestically as well as other instruments.

Duramaney is also part of a choir which he has been with since he was 5, and is again with a dance company called ‘One Youth Dance’ and is also now learning trumpet professionally at the New London Performing Arts.

When Duramaney was 11 he started to take a further interest into producing until he made his mind up and took producing seriously as a career choice he wanted to pursue, although not abandoning his multi-instrumentalist talent as well as his performing arts talent. He then decided to try out the DAW Software FL Studio, which he still uses to this day, to make his instrumentals. In Late August 2012 he released his debut Beat Mixtape entitled ‘1000 Decibels Vol. 1: The Beat Tape’ which featured 21 exclusive instrumentals. He independently released the tape as a free digital download on Gotinstrumentals.com and Datpiff.com. As of March 2013 he is currently under management with Wayno Beats who discovered him on soundclick.

Duramaney has a number of musical influences which includes, DJ Toomp, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Drumma Boy, Swizz Beatz, Ski Beatz, Lex Luger, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Cardiak, Shawty Redd, D. Rich, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Curtis Mayfield, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and many more.